Complaints Procedure

You must have a procedure that details how complaints and suggestions are captured, recorded, investigated and followed up.

These procedures must also show how the complaints process is explained to workers and you must keep accurate records relating to any complaints and suggestions made by any workers you employ. You need to keep records for six years. 

Your complaints procedure must:

  • Be regularly communicated to all employees. You could email it, include it in their induction training, or it could be an appendix to their contract.

  • Include a time frame which states when complaints must be resolved by.

  • Include wording which states that an employee will not be penalised for making a complaint or a suggestion.

There must be evidence of meetings (i.e. minutes) that demonstrate complaints and/or suggestions were discussed. This must be at least at your annual induction (for seasonal workers) or more regularly if you have long-term employees.

Your record of complaints and suggestions must detail what was done to investigate, then follow up on them (i.e. what action was taken). An outcome must be recorded.

We recommend this is a standard agenda item as part of a daily meeting sheet, with any actions recorded. The only instance this does not apply is if there are no complaints or suggestions made.

Your Inspector will want to check these records and may also want to talk to your workers about their understanding of the complaints procedure.