Agrichemical Containers

The disposal of empty agrichemical containers, or contaminated items, must be as per local legislation, ensuring that exposure to humans and the environment is avoided. Receipts, to demonstrate how containers are disposed of, are required.

Collection disposal systems, such as Agrecovery, can be used for the disposal of empty containers. The containers must be stored, labelled and handled by the scheme rules. Containers shall be kept locked up prior to disposal.

Every empty container must be triple-rinsed with water before storing prior to disposal. There must be no un-rinsed chemical containers in store.

The disposal of obsolete plant protection products must comply with local legislation. Options include returning to the supplier, taking to the refuse station (if they have the facilities) or using Agrecovery.

Agrichemical containers must not be used around the orchard for any purpose other than to hold or transport the identical product.


For more details, including all principles and criteria, please refer to the “Am I Ready?” checklist.