Health and Safety

At Zespri, it's really important to us that you and your workers are safe and well at work. It is your responsibility to look after the wellbeing of your workers.

The Health & Safety standards in this unit are mostly required by New Zealand law. As a contractor, you must make sure all the activities you are involved in meet these standards. This ensures not only your safety, but also that of our growers, visitors and the general public.

When developing your risk assessments and health safety plans you need to consider the risks relating to your people, your equipment and the site you're working on. To assist in developing your plans and assessment please refer to the Worksafe website.

The following link takes you to Health and Safety Guidance information.  This has been developed by NZKGI and Zespri for you to use Health and Safety Guidance Material

All contractors must complete the Health & Safety unit.

You will be assessed on:

IMPORTANT: If you are unclear on any of the current Health and Safety legislation, we recommend you seek expert advice from either a qualified health and safety expert or legal advisor.