What is a CAV and how do I get one?

What is a CAV? 

A CAV is a Compliance Assessment Verification. It is issued once you successfully complete all of the requirements to become GAP compliant. 

How do I get a CAV? 

To get a CAV, you must be inspected annually by a Zespri-approved Inspector and must hold a valid CAV if working on any kiwifruit orchards that supply kiwifruit to Zespri.  

Inspections required for new contractors 

If you are a new contractor, you will need to complete three inspections before you become fully GAP compliant. 

  1. Documentation Review – this is an inspection of your documented management system, checking that you have the systems in place to meet GAP requirements.  For new contractors who have not started operating, your systems will need to be in place before you start work.  

  2. Systems/Surveillance Inspection – this is an inspection of your systems after you have started work. Your Inspector will check that you have properly implemented your systems and that you are keeping all records as required.

  3. On-site Inspection during operation – this is an inspection of your practices whilst operating (on-orchard) and will include checking you have all the required systems in place. Your inspector will want to talk to your employees (if you have any), as well as checking the physical site. 

Inspections required for renewing contractors 

You are required to complete a Documentation Review and Systems/Surveillance inspection. These can be combined into one inspection, if the inspection is completed prior to your CAV expiring.  Depending on the outcome of this inspection, your Inspector may require further verification of records in the following 12 months. 

How long will my inspection(s) take? 

For new contractors 

It is expected that your entire inspection time (face-to-face) across the three required inspections will take a minimum of 1 day, however this may increase, depending on the size and scope of your operations, and your readiness for the inspection.  Please note, this does not include the review time required by the Inspector before and after the inspection, or travel time.   

For renewing contractors  

It is expected that your entire inspection time (face-to-face) across the required inspections will take a minimum of 1/2 day, however this may increase, depending on the size and scope of your operations, and your readiness for the inspection. Please note, this does not include the review time required by the Inspector before and after the inspection or travel time.

How and when is my CAV issued? 

Interim CAV process for new contractors 

After successful completion of your Documentation Review inspection you will be issued with a interim CAV.  The time period of issue will be determined by the Inspector and approved by Zespri, depending on the outcome of your inspection.   

Your Inspector will determine the time period that your temporary CAV is issued for, based on several factors including: 

  • The scope of your activities 

  • How many people you employ 

  • How your fully documented management system meets the specified requirements 

  • Whether or not there were any areas of concern or non-compliances found during your Documentation Review inspection 

If you do not successfully complete your three inspections, your temporary CAV may be cancelled, and if so you will not be able to continue providing services. 

Once you have successfully completed all three inspections, you will be issued with a full CAV which will expire in 12 months from the date it is issued. 

Note: The interim CAV will update onto the Contractor List within 24 hours, and will show expiry date as issued.  Once the full CAV is issued, the new expiry date will show on the Contractor List. 

Please ensure you provide copies of both your Interim CAV and Full CAV to all Growers and MSO's that you work with during the dates displayed on the CAV.

Full CAV for renewing contractors 

Upon successful completed your renewal inspection, you will be issued with a full CAV, which will start from the date your last CAV expired and will be valid for 12 months from that date. 

How can I save time and money? 

 There are ways you can reduce the time and cost of your inspections detailed below.  

 The total cost of your full inspection process will depend on a number of things, including: 

  • How well prepared you are  

  • You have completed the Am I Ready Checklist 

  • You have completed the MBIE Modules (evidence required) 

  • If you submitted your documentation prior to the Documentation Review inspection, allowing your Inspector to review your documentation beforehand in preparation for your inspection 

  • If you can produce all required documentation, including records, to show full traceability of your systems during your Systems inspection

  • You and your staff can fully answer any questions your Inspector has at any of the inspections 

  • You have no or very few non-compliances 

  • You close out your non-compliances by providing all the information requested – so your Inspector doesn’t have to ask for more information or clarification. 

What does it cost to get a CAV? 

Inspector charges vary and are quoted on an individual basis.     

Note:  The Inspector may request payment prior to the inspection and has the right to withhold the issue your CAV if any money is outstanding for services provided

Maintaining Compliance 

Once a Zespri CAV is issued you must ensure you maintain your CAV by continuing to meet your requirements. 

Zespri Inspectors, the GLOBALG.A.P. Certification Body, the Department of Labour or Immigration NZ can conduct checks and inspections at any time.   

It is your responsibility to demonstrate compliance if selected for one of these audits. You must ensure you keep a copy of your CAV with you whenever you are working on any orchard.