It is important that your workers have decided on appropriate representation to help assess, communicate and monitor their interests. 

Worker Representation can be nominated, voted or workers can opt for self-representation. 

If workers decide not to have collective representation, a person from your management staff will need to be appointed as the Management GRASP Liaison ("MGL"). The decision to self-represent needs to be detailed in your employees employment agreement. 

You will need to ensure the Worker Representative and/or MGL are trained on their role, duties and rights within GRASP.

At a minimum, monthly gatherings must be held between your workers and the MGL to discuss issues relating to GRASP and ensure they are informed of about a GRASP assessment at least two working days before the date of the inspection. 


  • Use the 'WR MGL Decision Tree' resource to help understand the types of worker representation available

  • Use a meeting template to show monthly GRASP meetings

  • Use an induction/training form to demonstrate Worker Representative and MGL have received training for their role