Agrichemical Safety

If you are a Contractor who is in contact with, or has workers in contact with, agrichemicals or other hazardous substances, your “Health & Safety Risk Assessment” must include the use of chemicals in relation to agrichemical use and health.

This includes describing the control measures in place to address any identified risks and records of actions taken.

There must also be a process whereby medical checks are offered to all employees in contact with agrichemicals or other hazardous substances.

Personal Protective Equipment ("PPE")

You are also responsible for ensuring all workers and subcontractors are equipped with suitable PPE and ensuring it is used when required.

PEE must be maintained, cleaned and stored properly to prevent risk of contamination.

You will be required to provide evidence that PPE is used and in the case of single use PPE, that it is replaced and restocked.

Accident Procedures

In case of accidental contamination, your Health & Safety Risk Assessment needs to describe the facilities in place. For example:

  • PPE provided includes eye wash facilities, clean water.

  • PPE should be near chemical storage/mixing/filling areas.

  • First Aid kits with relevant material available

  • Safety Data Sheets readily available

In your Health & Safety Policy, you need to include instructions and guidance on any hazardous substances you provide. This includes providing:

  • Safety Data Sheets that are readily available for all agrichemicals handled on site

  • Health & Safety agrichemical signage

  • Health & Safety agrichemical instructions, including the transportation of agrichemicals between sites

  • Training to agrichemical applicator on your Health & Safety Policy and Risk Assessment and providing records of this training.

You must ensure an accident procedure is displayed near the agrichemical storage. This needs to include a map, contact person and list of emergency numbers.


For more details, including all principles and criteria, please refer to the “Am I Ready?” checklist.