To book an Inspection, you can directly contact an Inspector from the Approved Provider Panel. In some circumstances, Zespri may conduct or arrange Inspections.  

Below is a list of the Approved Providers and Inspectors on the Panel and their contact details. 

  • When you contact the Inspector, they will want to know activities you need to be inspected for - for example, Harvester, Vine Maintenance, Nutrient Management or AgriChemical Management (or a combination of any of these). 

  • The Inspector will be able to give you a quote for your required inspections. The cost may vary depending on your location or the size of your operation. It is your responsibility to agree this directly with your inspector. 

  • Once you have contacted the Inspector and confirmed you are ready for your inspection, they will make a time with you to visit your operation and complete your first inspection. 

  • Your Inspector will answer any questions you have about the inspection process.  

  • If you already have a CAV, it has an expiry date.  CAVs are valid for 12 months from the date they expire. An inspection must be completed annually in order to obtain a valid CAV.  

  • You must book your inspection well before your CAV expires.  You cannot complete any work on a kiwifruit orchard unless you hold a valid CAV, with a current date. 

Approved Provider

Approved Inspectors



Agriculture Risk Management

All NZ, BOP Office

Anthony Pangborn

027 245 7295

Mandy Paterson

027 591 4868

All Systems Checked

All NZ, BOP Office

Ian Fryer

027 612 7467

Deb Rogers

027 291 9337 

Helen Routley

027 447 9286 

CME Consulting

All NZ, BOP Office

Shona Cameron

027 834 5392

Deb Rogers

027 291 9337

Helen Routley

027 447 9286

Hume Pack-N-Cool

North Island, BOP Office

Audrey Barbarich

027 454 9939

Kathy Wilton

027 279 9729

Sheralyn Blumhardt


Sheralyn Blumhardt

021 416 009