The Zespri GLOBALG.A.P. Contractor Programme (“the Programme”) is certified to the GLOBALG.A.P. standard, an integrated farm assurance program that translates consumer requirements into Good Agricultural Practice (“GAP”) and the GLOBALG.A.P Risk Assessment on Social Practice (“GRASP”).

As a registered Contractor in the Programme, you are required to be inspected against the relevant GAP sections and all GRASP requirements. When you have successfully completed these requirements, you will be issued with a Compliance Assessment Verification (“CAV”).

A CAV is valid for 12 months. During this time, it is your responsibility to ensure you continue to meet all the Programme requirements, even if they change. You will need to renew your CAV each year. This means you will be inspected against the Programme requirements annually.

You will be inspected against the following requirements:

(please note the numbering reflects the relevant Zespri GAP sections & aligns with the "Am I Ready?" Checklist)

0. Responsibilities

GAP Sections

1. Systems

2. Biosecurity

3. Nutrient Management (if applicable)

4. Environment

6. Agrichemicals (if applicable)

7. Food Safety

8. Health & Safety

GRASP Sections

Workers Voice

1. Right of Association and Representation

2. Worker Representation

3. Complaints Process

Human & Labour Rights Information

4. Human Rights Policies

5. Access to Labour Regulation Information

13. Disciplinary Procedures

Human & Labour Rights Indicators

6. Terms of Employment Documents and Forced Labour Indicators

7. Payments

8. Wages

11. Time recording systems

12. Working hours and breaks

Child & Young Workers Protection

9. Working age, child labour and young workers

10. Compulsory school age and school access


For full details of the inspection criteria, check the "Am I Ready?" Checklist.

You will find a "Resources & Links" box on the right hand side of the page which will provide templates and helpful links for more information. 

For supplementary information about GRASP, refer to the National Interpretation Guidelines.