When you hire workers, it is important that you have a process in place to check they are eligible to work in New Zealand and are agreeing to employment freely and voluntarily.

You must provide your workers with an employment agreement to review prior to starting work. Workers should be encouraged to seek independent legal advice to ensure they understand the terms of the employment agreement. 

The employment agreement needs to be signed and dated by the worker. You must ensure that workers have not been pressured, forced, intimidated, required to pay (directly or indirectly) a fee or related costs for being recruited, or making monetary deposits, financial guarantees or deposits of personal possessions to be employed. 

Any variations to the employment agreement must be documented and agreed to by the employee. 

Remember that your employees have the right to ask for access to their own personal information.


  • Use a a 'Pre-Employment Information Form' to ensure workers are eligible to work in New Zealand 

  • Cross check pre-employment information against VisaView.

  • Cover 'forced labour indicators' in your Human Rights Policy

  • If you are using a contractor to provide labour, ensure you:

    1. Ask to see their CAV and ensure GRASP is included in the scope.

    2. Cross-check the CAV against the Approved Contractor List.

    3. Check the Companies Register to ensure that the individual you are dealing with is affiliated with the company presenting the CAV.

    4. Ensure you have a signed Orchard Services Agreement.