People Hygiene

It is important that you have documented hygiene instructions to minimise food safety risks. These must be communicated to all your workers. 

At a minimum, they must address:

  • Personal food safety instructions (i.e. clean hands, covering cut skin, smoking, eating, and drinking)

  • Operational food safety instructions (i.e. clothing, gloves and animals)

  • Required notification (i.e. suffering from symptoms of infectious disease)

  • Equipment and cleaning (i.e. bins, tractors, picking bags)

You must also ensure your workers have access to adequate handwashing facilities. Handwashing must occur before handling fruit, after eating and using the toilet.

Toilets must be clean, stocked and easily accessible to your workers.

We recommend all 'People Hygiene' requirements are addressed and documented in your 'Food Safety Policy'.


For more details, including all principles and criteria, please refer to the “Am I Ready?” checklist.