What are your responsibilities?

As a Contractor, there are few things you need to know relating to your responsibilities. 

You must show that you understand and meet all your responsibilities in order to work on orchards that supply kiwifruit to Zespri. 

All Contractors must: 

  • be registered with Zespri as a Contractor, and always keep your registration details up-to-date

  • be inspected against the orchard activities that you take part in

  • ensure that all requirements, as set by legislation, are met, specifically with regards to food safety, Health & Safety and employment 

  • have transparent systems and accurate record-keeping in place for all aspects of your business 

  • be able to show how your systems work, from start to finish, and provide records to support this

  • hold a current CAV (Compliance Assessment Verification) issued by an approved inspector

  • always have a copy of your CAV with you when you are working on any orchard, to provide a copy to any grower whose orchard you work on  

  • have your systems and processes inspected annually by a Zespri-approved inspector 

  • be available for additional inspections, as requested by Zespri or your inspector, and co-operate in the inspection process - including allowing your employees to speak with the inspector 

  • declare if your business, or anyone employed in your business, is under investigation by a government authority (for example, the Labour Inspectorate) 

  • meet the Zespri Supplier Code of Conduct, our Terms of Reference and Privacy Statement