Risk Assessment; Communications and Procedures

Risk Assessment

You must have a completed Health and Safety Risk Assessment, documented with evidence that it has been reviewed and updated annually.

Even if you are a sole operator, this applies to you, as you must consider your own health and safety as well as growers, visitors or the general public.

Health & Safety Policy

You must also have a health and safety policy which covers the activities you and your employees are involved in.

It must be signed by management, and the person who is responsible for your workers’ health, safety and welfare must be identified on your Health & Safety Policy.

There must be a Health and Safety Procedures / Rules document that details all minimum health and safety rules, as well as rules specific to your contracting activity.

The health and safety rules must be up-to-date and detail any activity-specific risks as identified in the Health and Safety Risk Assessment.

Accident and Emergency Procedures

Accident and Emergency Procedures must be available and detail, at least:

  • your contact person

  • an up-to-date list of emergency contact numbers

  • where to find the nearest available phone

  • how to contact medical services

  • the location of first aid

  • how to report accidents and dangerous incidents.

The accident and emergency procedures must be displayed where applicable and must be communicated to all workers (i.e. as part of their induction training).