Your CAV intro

To work as a Kiwifruit Contractor you must have be able to demonstrate that you meet Zespri's standards for Good Agricultural and Social Practice.  This program is called Zespri Good Agricultural Practice (GAP).

To demonstrate that you meet the Zespri GAP you need to Register with Zespri and complete an Inspection Program. 

Once you have successfully completed these requirements, you are issued with a Compliance Assessment Verification (CAV).

You must hold a valid CAV to work as a Kiwifruit Contractor.

Once issued, your Zespri CAV is valid for 12 months. During this time, it is your responsibility to ensure you continue to meet all the requirements, even if they change.

You need to renew your Zespri CAV every year, so make sure you book an inspection before it expires.

How to use this site

On this site, you'll find learning units for each area of your business, as well as handy checklists, links to resources and other sites, to help you work through your requirements and responsibilities. 

At the top of each unit page you'll see an icon which shows whether that unit applies to your contracting type.

Once you meet the conditions of each unit, you can book an inspection.

If your inspection is successful, your Zespri CAV is issued and you can get to work.