To book an inspection, contact can be made directly with the inspector. In some circumstances, Zespri may conduct or arrange inspections.  

There is a list of Inspectors and their contact details below.

  • When you contact the Inspector, they will want to know activities you need to be inspected for - for example, Harvester, Vine Maintenance, Nutrient Management or AgriChemical Management (or a combination of any of these). 

  • The Inspector will be able to give you a quote for your required inspections. The cost may vary depending on your location or the size of your operation. It is your responsibility to agree this directly with your inspector. 

  • Once you have contacted the Inspector and confirmed you are ready for your inspection, they will make a time with you to visit your operation and complete your first inspection. 

  • Your Inspector will answer any questions you have about the inspection process.  

  • If you already have a CAV, it has an expiry date.  CAVs are valid for 12 months from the date they are issued. An inspection must be completed annually in order to obtain a valid CAV.  

  • You must book your inspection well before your CAV expires.  You cannot complete any work on a kiwifruit orchard unless you hold a valid CAV, with a current date. 


Agriculture Risk Management Limited - all NZ, BOP Office

Anthony Pangborn

027 245 7295

CME Consulting - all NZ, BOP Office

Murray Clarke

021 136 8866

CME Consulting - all NZ, BOP Office

Helen Routley

027 447 9286

CME Consulting - all NZ, BOP Office

Deb Rogers

027 291 9337

CME Consulting - all NZ, BOP Office

Shona Cameron

027 834 5392


- All NZ, BOP Office

Ian Fryer

027 612 7467

Keri Independent Inspections

- Northland

Sheralyn Blumhardt

021 416 009

Telarc Ltd - all NZ, BOP Office

Deirdre Johnston

027 573 5390

Telarc Ltd - all NZ, BOP Office

Wanda Whitton-Esteve

027 263 4294