What is required to be a Kiwifruit Contractor

You are here because you are looking to work as a Contractor in the Kiwifruit Industry. 

Zespri International Ltd ("Zespri") runs a Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) program which is certified to the GLOBAL G.A.P. standard. This program includes assessing orchard management systems and the activities that are undertaken on orchards.

Before you apply to register as a Contractor with Zespri, it is important that you have read the following and understand all of the requirements you are agreeing to meet.

If you intend to provide any of the following activities and services on kiwifruit orchards that provide fruit to Zespri:

  1. spray application;

  2. vine-work, including harvest, pruning and other canopy work; 

  3. fertilizer application;

  4. supply labour for any of the above activities and maintain the employment relationship with the employee

then prior to commencing any work on-orchard you must:

  • apply to register (and be accepted) as a Contractor with Zespri,

  • develop documents and records that demonstrate your systems are working and fully meet the requirements of GAP and GRASP.  (Note: the previous  Zespri Contractor Information Pack can no longer be used),

  • successfully complete an inspection with a Zespri approved inspector, and

  • hold a current Compliance Assessment Verification (CAV).

Contractor Obligations 

If you are granted registration as a Contractor, you must:

  • be registered with Zespri as a Contractor, and always keep this registration up-to-date, including notifying Zespri immediately of any changes tothe details provided on this form or otherwise, and providing information when requested by Zespri.

  • be inspected against the orchard activities that you take part in.

  • ensure that all requirements, as set by legislation, are met, specifically with regards to food safety, health & safety and employment.

  • have transparent systems and accurate record-keeping in place for all aspects of your business.

  • be able to demonstrate that your systems are understood and have been fully implemented, and provide records to support this.

  • hold a current CAV (Compliance Assessment Verification) issued by an approved inspector.

  • always have a copy of your CAV with you when you are working on any orchard, to provide a copy to any grower whose orchard you work on.

  • have your systems and processes inspected annually by a Zespri-approved inspector.

  • be available for additional inspections, as requested by Zespri or your Zespri-approved inspector, and co-operate in the inspection process - including allowing your employees to speak with the inspector.

  • declare if your business, or anyone employed in your business, is under investigation by a government authority (for example, the Labour Inspectorate)

  • comply with the Zespri Supplier Code of Conduct, and immediately notify Zespri if you become aware of any breach or likely breach of the Supplier Code of Conduct. 

Cancellation of Registration and/or CAV 

Zespri has the right to cancel your registration if you breach or fail to meet any of the Contractor obligations set out above.  You will not hold Zespri responsible for any loss of business or reputation damage that arises following any cancellation of your registration; or revocation or suspension of your CAV.

Zespri will publish a list of registered Contractors, and each Contractor's CAV status on Zespri's public website.  If a Contractor's registration is cancelled, or if a Contractor's CAV is suspended or cancelled, Zespri may notify growers, industry bodies (including Kiwifruit NZ, NZ Kiwifruit Growers Incorporate and Kiwifruit Vine Health Incorporated) or other affected parties of the cancellation or suspension including by lsing the name of the Contractor and related persons on the Contractor Register, on Zespri Website(s) and on other communications.

Note: Zespri does not guarantee that by being a registered Contractor that the Contractor will be contracted to provide kiwifruit services.

Change of Ownership or Control

Please note that registration as a Contractor cannot be transferred to a third party without Zespri's consent (any change of ownership or control of a Contractor will be deemed a transfer to a third party).


By registering, and maintaining your registration, as a Contractor, you agree that you have read and understood Zespri’s Global Privacy Statement and consent to the collection, use and sharing of your personal information as indicated in the Global Privacy Statement.  In particular, and in addition to the Global Privacy Policy, Zespri International Limited (“Zespri”) is collecting personal information (through the application process and through audits and information requests) regarding you (if an individual) or the owners and controllers of you (if a business), and may share such personal information with its trusted providers, for the purposes of:

    • assessing your suitability as a registered Contractor within the Zespri Contractor Program, determining your eligibility to provide the services, and ensure you have the necessary skills and qualifications;

    • investigating and managing any complaints from or about you.

You consent to any enquiries by Zespri or its authorised representatives into your trading activities, or any other relevant information, as part of the process for making a decision about your registration or maintenance of your registration as a Contractor.

Other Contractor Types

Other contractors are not required to register at this time. If you are unsure if you need to register, please contact compliance@zespri.com or 07 572 6464.

Our Terms of Reference and Privacy Statement can be found here.


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