Packaging Vendor Registration

If you are working, or want to work, as a Registered Packaging Vendor, you can request access to manage your Zespri Registration Details by completing and submitting the below form. A Zespri representative will check your details, and following this you will receive an email with your login details.

If you have any problems completing the form - Packaging Vendors - please contact

Zespri GlobalG.A.P. Contractor Program Application Terms

By submitting an application, the applicant agrees that:

  • all information that it has provided in relation to its application is true, complete, and accurate, and not misleading in any way;
  • it will advise Zespri immediately if any of the information it has provided as part of the application changes, or is no longer true or accurate;
  • it has read the Zespri GlobalG.A.P Contractor Program Terms and agrees that, if its application is approved, it will comply with the Zespri GlobalG.A.P Contractor Program Terms at all times;
  • Zespri and its authorised representatives may make any enquires they consider necessary of the applicant and relevant third parties into the applicant’s trading activities, key persons and staff, or any other relevant information, as part of the process for making a decision about this application, and that the applicant, its key persons, and staff have consented to such enquiries being made;
  • it has read and understood Zespri's GlobalGAP Contractor Program Privacy Statement and Zespri’s Global Privacy Statement and consent to the collection, use and sharing of its personal information as set out in those Privacy Statements.  In particular, you agree that Zespri:
    • may collect personal information through the application process, and at any time while you hold a CAV, relating to you, your key persons and staff (including through audits, carrying out investigations, and by making information requests to you and third parties)
    • may use that information for the purposes of assessing your suitability to have and maintain registration in the Zespri GlobalG.A.P Contractor Program and a CAV
    • may share that information with its agents and professional advisors, third party providers who provide services to Zespri, industry bodies, government agencies, and as otherwise permitted under the Privacy Act 2020
  • Zespri gives no guarantees, and makes no promises, that:
    • any application for a registration in the Zespri Global G.A.P Contractor Program, or renewal of a CAV, whether or not provisional CAV registration is granted, will be approved;
    • that being registered in the Zespri Global G.A.P Contractor Program and holding a current CAV will result in a contractor getting any work in the kiwifruit industry.
  • If its application is declined, Zespri may notify growers, industry bodies (including Kiwifruit NZ, NZ Kiwifruit Growers Incorporate and Kiwifruit Vine Health Incorporated) or other affected parties of the rejection, including by listing the name of the Contractor and related persons on Zespri's Contractor Register, on Zespri website(s) and on other communications.

A Zespri representative will check your details, and then will contact you requesting further information that is required. 

Please note that Zespri has the right to refuse the application if the criteria have not been met.  If your application is unsuccessful, we will contact you.

If your application is successful, you will be notified, following which you can commence the process to gain a CAV.  

If you have any problems completing the form - Contractors please contact the Preharvest Assurance Team at or 0800 549 440. 

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