Vine Maintenance

Toilets and Handwashing

  • There must be toilet and handwashing facilities within 500 metres, approximately a 5 minute walk, of where picking is taking place.

  • Hand-washing facilities need to be close enough that workers use them during breaks.

  • Toilets must be clean and have sufficient toilet paper provided.

Break Areas 

  • You must provide a sheltered area for workers to eat, that is away from fruit that has been removed from the vine. 

Drinking Water

  • Workers must have access to clean (potable) drinking water at all times

  • Providing bottled water is a suitable alternative if there is no potable water available at the site.

  • Workers can be instructed to bring their own water bottles as long as refill supplies are available (i.e. purchased bottled water or potable water).

Hygiene Instructions must be followed

  • Workers must follow the hygiene instructions given to them. This should be checked by monitoring work. Especially focus on ensuring that workers are washing their hands after eating, smoking, drinking and before handling the fruit.