Health & Safety Training

Health and Safety training must be conducted with all workers, as per the requirements of the documented risk assessment.

The Health and Safety and Accident and Emergency Procedures must form part of the training. Training material must be seen by all workers (and your inspector).

Sole operators must sign to indicate that they have read all health and safety training material.

Health and safety training records must be kept, detailing the topic, trainer, date, names and signatures of workers.

If there is any dangerous equipment, or if special licences are required for any vehicles (e.g. forklifts), these must be held on file. This does not apply if there is no such equipment or vehicles used in the contracting operation.


There must always be someone with a first aid certificate present on the orchard when work is being carried out.

You can find more information relating to records that need to be kept for Health and Safety in the Traceability and Record Keeping Unit.