Access to Information

The person responsible for worker welfare must provide the employees’ representative with the valid national labour regulations.

The person responsible for worker welfare, and the employee representative (if there is one) must have knowledge about, or access to, regulations on the following subjects:

  • gross and minimum wages; deductions from wages

  • working hours

  • freedom of association and right to collective bargaining

  • anti-discrimination

  • child labour and minimum age of working

  • holiday pay and parental leave

The best way of ensuring the person responsible for worker welfare and the employee representative understand this is by completion of the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) training modules. These modules are FREE to complete.

Where training modules are completed, a certificate is generated. Remember to keep this certificate on file.

The following information is also available:

  • GRASP National Implementation Guidelines

  • The New Zealand Labour Inspectorate also provides information on the MBIE website

If employees are all representing themselves (if you have one employee or more), they must all individually have knowledge of the relevant regulations above.

There is also a resource available for employees called the Little Green and Gold Book.  You can download this as a pdf and send it to your workers.  It is available in the resources and links tab on this page.