Access to compulsory school education

There must be documented evidence that any children of employees living on the orchard who are of compulsory schooling age (according to national legislation) have access to compulsory school education - either through provided transport to a public school or through on-site schooling.

The list must include all children of compulsory schooling age living on the company's sites, with sufficient indications of name, parent/s name, date of birth, school attendance, etc. Children of management may be excluded from this list.

There must be transport facilities available if children cannot reach school within acceptable walking distance (half an hour walking or according to National Interpretation Guideline).

If access to schools is not available, there must be an on-site schooling system. Your inspector will check if there are any children working on the orchard who are also home-schooled.  If there are, your inspector will check that schooling is available and meets New Zealand requirements.